About FYMB

I started this blog with a desire to share positive insight to promote self-growth. Many of us struggle with insecurities and pitfalls in our lives. My hope was, and is, to help encourage people to live a more confident and emotionally healthy life.  Further details about the origin of my website name are found in my Beginning post, which was the first post on this site.

However, as First You Must Begin progressed, I realized I am also passionate about creating and completing bucket lists. I view the bucket lists as blueprints for activities and adventures that I want to begin doing. As a result, I added on a new dynamic to the blog by extending it to include my efforts to engage more fully in my everyday life.

When I started this blog, I created a logo that I felt encompassed the message of First You Must Begin.  I quickly learned that others interpreted it differently.  Perhaps sharing the inspiration behind the logo will help to reiterate the purpose of this site?

Beginning involves a starting point and movement, the red dot being the starting point and the dotted lines representing the movement.  To me, the starting point is within ourselves, specifically in our hearts.  The idea is that we accomplish more with a healthy emotional well-being.  I have attained more fulfilling things in life by starting within and moving out from there.

The “g” in the word begin is designed to resemble a map pinpoint.  The heart has a paper-like feel to it in my effort to have it seem like a map.  I thought it would help clarify what the “g” resembled and bring to mind that our hearts are like maps with roads to travel.

The whole essence of my blog is beginning within oneself, moving forward, and living to ones full potential. Between the experiences that have humbled me and my desire to live a more purposeful life, I feel like I have much to share. Plus, it just so happens that I love to write and I’m secretly hoping I can gain insight and inspiration from those readers who choose to comment.