Remember to Look Up!

As with most everyone this time of year, time is racing by and the laundry list of things to accomplish before Christmas seems never-ending.  I have to confess, being newly pregnant with our fourth child, my days have been spent in a blur of nausea and exhaustion.  I can hardly find the motivation to feed my children and myself let alone figure out the gift of gratitude I ought to be putting together for my girl’s teachers at school.  I keep thinking how grateful I am that I have no elf on our shelf.  As surely, the elf would have to report my poor behavior and lack of motivation.

However, in one of those moments when I was dragging myself aimlessly around the house, as my sweet husband made us dinner, I remembered to turn on the outdoor Christmas lights.  When I went outside to do so, I remarked at how freezing it was and quickly turned back to go inside.  Upon locking the front door, I glanced through the little windows at the top of our door.  I saw the most magnificent sky filled with hot pinks that couldn’t fully be captured in a picture, though I tried.  Without realizing it, I breathed, “Wow.”  My husband asked about my comment and I responded, “I almost missed out by not looking up.”


A reminder to look up was just the right message I needed this week.  I use the word ‘up’ not just as a reference to the sky, but in the general manner of optimism, hope, and, for those that are Christian, a reminder to look upwards towards heaven and our Savior, even Jesus Christ.
For a variety of reasons, the last few weeks have not been easy for me.  But I know for a surety that the moments that were filled with the most peace were when I got on my knees and plead with my Father in Heaven to comfort the aching hearts of loved ones, and myself, who were facing disappointments and pain.
There is so much more joy to be found in looking upward and outward!  There are sunsets to be seen, hills to climb and accomplish, lives to be brightened, and hope to be had.  My Mom had a doorknob hanger that now resides in our home that reads, “Look up!  That’s where the blessings come from.”  Indeed they do.
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