First Friday Find: Love Journals

This is not a recent find for me, but it is a pertinent find for this month and may be new for our readers.  Years ago, I read this excellent idea about using Love Journals in place of greeting cards with your spouse or loved ones.  The idea was ingenious in my eyes!

I started to implement it right away with my husband for Valentine’s Day.  I got my hands on a notebook that had an extra slot on the inside.  In the slot, I gathered all of my past love notes to him.  Now all of our notes are in one convenient location.  Then I kicked off the notebook with Valentine’s stickers and a love note.  My husband appreciated the sentiment and, shortly thereafter, he got me a Love Journal in which he leaves me sweet messages as we come upon each holiday.  Sometimes, we even give surprise notes of appreciation and adoration between holidays.  It’s fun to have all of our love notes in one spot and the convenience is a definite perk!

Being a Mother to young children, I rarely get the chance to peruse a card aisle anymore nor do I enjoy the high price tags for the cards worth sending.  I guess I’ve become a bit of a curmudgeon that way.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sending a note out of the blue or finding the perfect card for someone, but this expectation that we need to buy cards to express our love each holiday sort of rubs me the wrong way.  It feels like one more To-Do on my list.  Ever since we got these journals, all I need to find time for is expressing my heartfelt feelings.  Plus, when it comes to the love I have for my husband, in particular, there has yet to be a greeting card that can express how I feel better than I can.

We’ve had our journals for a few years now and I honestly have no idea where we purchased them.  I’m including a couple links for notebooks that I thought would serve as cool Love Journals.  BookFactory® Notebook sells one in multiple colors.  This one is very similar to the one my husband bought for me.  We prefer blank pages, but I also found this really cool lined page journal you could use called Red Embossed Heart Writing Journal.  Both of these are fairly priced and would be a great way to ignite a loving tradition.

Hopefully, you will find Love Journals as beneficial as we have in our home.  We’ve saved money, we’ve saved time sneaking off to the card aisle, we’ve centralized all of our notes for one another, and we’ve let our love flow more sincerely.  Basically, Love Journals have been a blessing to us.  I hope they become a treasured gift in your home as well!

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