Breaking Through Boredom

Another post later in the week due to another beautiful girl’s birthday taking place.  My second oldest is as kind and precious as her picture conveys.  Celebrating her birthday was a nice pick-me-up amid a rather tough week.  This pregnancy has given my emotions a whirlwind of a ride and I’m about ready to get off.

I saw a “Bored Board” pinned on Pinterest and I had to pin it in my Helpful Tips Board, not my Kids Board.  The reason being that I have been bored.  It’s not that I don’t have a laundry list of things I should be doing, I just have zero interest or motivation to do them.  Even some of the fun things I enjoy or seek out as my time-wasters, Facebook and Pinterest, are of little interest to me.  I am bored.  That’s why the “Bored Board” was so intriguing to me.  The original source that I have found for the “Bored Board” is on a blog called Grateful for the Ride.

I’ve had to force myself to do some of these items this week just to hold on to my sanity.  I think that’s what made my daughter’s birthday such a fun day was that I really got to put the “Bored Board” into practice.  I was able to…

Be creative with her birthday cake…

Enjoy Outside play while we flew kites…

Read this darling children’s book to the birthday girl’s class called What Animals Really Like

and Did something helpful by…um…WAIT!  Isn’t my whole role as a Mom to be doing something helpful?  I’m pretty sure I could put a lot down for the letter ‘D.’  You may be asking yourself, “Sara, what about the letter ‘E’ for exercise?”  Yeah, that one has kind of eluded me lately.  Having had two preemie babies, I do what I can to keep a baby in me for as long as possible.  Twenty minutes of exercise isn’t conducive to that goal.  Although, I’m sure my body could stand a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood.  However, I feel like just running errands with a toddler in tow should count as an exercise.  I know I have to exercise a lot of patience to survive it.

So, there you have it.  I’m still battling the feelings of boredom, but applying the “Bored Board” really did help break up the doldrums.  What do you do to break through the boredom?

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