First Friday Find: Roadtrippers

Summer is upon us.  My kids have less than a week to go of school and our Summer Bucket List is already proudly placed on our fridge.  While we don’t have any summer road trip plans in the works, I am super excited to share this website and app that I learned about with all of you.  The website is called Roadtrippers.  There is also a free app, available on Android and iPhone, that serves as a companion to the website.

The concept of Roadtrippers is simple: Make going from Point A to Point B more exciting.  For instance, having moved from Southern California to Central Oregon, I have acquired a standby road trip route to visit friends and family.  We’ve made the 15-hour trek a few times, but I have yet to do it with this handy app in my pocket.  I decided to check out the website just now and put in my starting and ending destination.  Having done this drive a few times, I already knew of a few key spots along the way.  The website will plot out most anything you’re hoping to find, such as nature spots, historic sites, attractions, and more.  In doing my usual route through Roadtrippers, I just learned about Castle Crags State Park, which is along the way.  I like that the website even takes me to a page outlining the details of the location and rating it on their Rad-o-meter!  But I think the most helpful feature of all is the “Food + Drink” search.  There are a couple long stretches of road when you ask yourself, “Can we really hold our kids off until the next big city for a food and potty break?”  This website and app seem to be a great service in that manner.

As I am a lover of road trips, Roadtrippers is making me anxious to hit the road and discover something new to be seen!  But, alas, my pregnancy takes priority.  For those of you who do have plans to hit the road this summer, please check out this site and app and let me know if it’s as cool as it sounds.  Happy travels this summer!

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