First Friday Find: SPLAT!

I know, I know, this should hardly be considered a First Friday post, as I am barely getting this in before midnight.  I’ll just pull the New-Baby-Card and we’ll call it good.  This month’s find is just a silly little toy that our family fell in love with when we were at the County Fair this past week.  Speaking of the County Fair, how are you doing on your Ultimate Summer Bucket List?  We hit our half-way mark this past week and attending the county fair helped make that possible.

But, I digress.

We came across this way cool toy called SPLAT!  I really can’t describe how cool it is in words.  I just have to show you video so you can see it for yourself.

As I mentioned, we got ours at the fair, but you can get it on Amazon by clicking SPLAT above.  It looks like it’s cheaper on-line than what we paid for it, which seems typical.  I noticed the reviews on-line speak about the product bursting fairly easily.  We have not had that issue at all (at least not yet) and our whole family has been making the most of the toy.  It just doesn’t get old to watch it transform from flat to spherical.

Happy playing!

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