First Friday Find: Chatbooks

I hope my readers are aware that I come up with these First Friday Finds (FFF) just by pure discovery.  There are no companies trying to get me to endorse their products or services.  To know I’m speaking the truth, you only need look at how few people come through this site.  It wouldn’t be worth their time.  That being said, I am completely stoked about this month’s find.

I found out about Chatbooks through friends of mine who posted about their personal chatbooks on Instagram.  Basically, it’s a company that takes your Instagram photos and puts them in to a 6″x 6″ photobook that’s processed on 100# glossy photo paper.  This product is called the Instagram Series.  The best part is that it’s only $6!  To my understanding, they’ll ship you a new book and charge you $6 every time that you have 60 additional pictures on your Instagram.  I believe you can omit pictures, if you’d like.  Each page includes the date, the picture, and the caption.  The comments are not included.  I love this concept so much because it’s a perfect way to do some non-traditional journaling, if you’re not good at writing things down.

(Photo found on

They also have this way cool thing called Chatbook Series.  If I understand it correctly, you create this chat and multiple people can text pictures with captions to the chat.  Then, when it reaches 60 pictures, it goes to print.  This is an awesome idea for creating a photo album that includes extended family.  I would love to do this with my siblings so that my kids could see more pictures of their cousins who live far away.

Now, if it sounds like I don’t have firsthand experience with this find, you are correct.  Unfortunately, they currently only offer this service to iPhone users.  But, have no fear, it appears as though it will be made available to Android users THIS month!  How fitting to share it for this month’s find, eh?

For those who may already have their hands on their very own Chatbook, please share your thoughts!  I’m so excited to get some nice little photo albums of my digital prints.  I want my kids to have easier access to all of the pictures from the fun experiences we’ve had.  I feel like it helps bring to mind how truly blessed we are as a family!

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One thought on “First Friday Find: Chatbooks

  1. I love Chatbooks! It is such a great way to journal and keep track of things that are going on in your life. They are very good quality and so fun to look at. I think my grand kids will enjoy looking through them years from now! I can’t say enough good things about Chatbooks!


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