First Friday Find: Beep’nGo

True Story.  A couple of years ago, I pulled out my wallet at a Girl’s Night Out dinner and a friend of mine could not believe how outdated my wallet was.  I was boasting how I had purchased the wallet at Gap back when I was a teenager.  I was so proud of how well it had stood the test of time.  She was not as impressed, as the outside had water damage, the zipper was broken, and it truly was outdated.  I am not a fan of putting money towards items when they are still perfectly functional.  You will never see me with a Louis Vuitton anything.  The amount spent on such an item is beyond my understanding.  Kudos to the people who find beauty and satisfaction in their purchases, but I’m simply a bare minimum person when it comes to fashion and beauty.  My rare use of make-up is proof of that.  After another year or so of her lovingly teasing me every time I pulled out my wallet to buy something, I got to thinking maybe it was time to lay to rest my 16 year-old wallet.  16?!  Can that be?!? I suppose buying a new wallet every 16 years isn’t me spending money unnecessarily.  I did it.  I took the plunge and bought a new wallet for less than $15, because I could not bear to spend more on an item that I already had serving the same purpose.  I searched all the knock-off stores and found this Tommy Hilfiger wallet at Ross.  So, what does my wallet saga have to do with this First Friday Find: Beep’nGo?

The old and new wallet
The old and new wallet.

Upon getting my new wallet, I realized that my plethora of loyalty cards that had perfect spaces in my old wallet, were not welcome in the new wallet.  The new wallet had a button that would not close if said loyalty cards were included.  What was a girl to do?  A lot of searching was put into buying just the right replacement and now it was letting me down on day one.  I’m not sure how I even stumbled upon Beep’nGo, but it was my solution.


It’s considered a smart coupon app, but my favorite feature is that you can take pictures of all of your loyalty cards and it holds the information in your phone for you.  Then when you’re at checkout, all you have to do is have them scan your phone.  If for whatever reason there is a scanning error, which may happen, it still has the club code number.  I have not had an error, but I have had cashiers refuse to scan it because they say it doesn’t work.  I convinced one cashier to try it still and it worked.  I tried convincing another and she refused and took down the club code number instead.  Either way, it got the job done.  The buttons on my wallet now shut and all of my loyalty cards are with me, as long as my phone is with me.  It actually has proven helpful in times where I have been at my computer and needed information from one of my cards and I had my phone right next to me.  I happen to strongly dislike having to get up and look for information once I’ve already sat down to the computer.  Am I the only person with this level of laziness?  Feel free to keep your answer to yourself.

Their main feature is the many coupons they offer.  I have saved a couple of discounts within the app, but I keep forgetting to access it for that purpose.  It’s still a new app for me.  The saved offer I have now is $2 off $10+ school or office supplies at Target.  Most kids are back in school now, but our office needs are unending.  They offer discounts for loads of companies, such as Fandago, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Home Depot, Whole Foods, Banana Republic, and more.

I’m excited to use this app more often!  Perhaps we can discover all the awesome offers together through September’s First Friday Find: Beep’nGo?!


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