A Life Bucket List

I apologize in advance if you’re thinking to yourself, “Another bucket list?”  It’s true.  I present to you yet another bucket list.  You shouldn’t have been too surprised, I mentioned this was coming in An Inspiring Bucket List.  A reminder that my complete bucket list contains a total of seventy items.  The list that I am sharing with my readers outlines fifty from the complete bucket list.

I think it’s important to note that a bucket list should consist of Do’s not Have’s.  Does that make sense?  For instance, I want to have a dog, but that is more of a wish list item than a bucket list item.  To make it a bucket list item, I changed it to Adopt a rescue dog (#5).  Another good example of this would be in regards to an item pulled from my complete bucket list, which is not shown here.  It reads: Take a trip in an RV.  Ideally, I would like to own an RV.  However, the ownership of an RV would be a wish list item, not an action item.  The desire of owning an RV would be so that we could go on a trip in an RV.  That’s the real goal in my life.  I want to gain experiences and memories, not things.

I also should add that my husband gave me a Life Bucket List rule that I am to abide by.  I’m hoping you all will keep me honest.  He says that I cannot do any two-fers.  Looking at the fifty items that are publicly shared, this may be irrelevant.  An example would be that on my personal list I have Visit Silver Falls.  I have it on good authority that you can see the backside of a waterfall (#35) at Silver Falls.  Per my husband, I cannot kill two birds with one stone on the Life Bucket List.  I may have broken this rule a few times with our Ultimate Summer Bucket List.  I guess one example would be that I can’t visit Niagara Falls (#49) by going on a helicopter ride (#48) over it.  Perhaps this is worth keeping in mind if you are busily making your own Life Bucket List.

Some of these items were on my original list made years ago and have since been achieved.  You can anticipate me sharing those accomplishments from time to time.  My hope is that you will join me on my journey of making these items my reality.  I genuinely hope that you will also share your bucket list items as well.  My goal is that we can all help one another live to our fullest potential and begin making the desires of our heart happen.  If you have an experience with any of these items and have pointers to share.  Share them.  If you hear about a deal for an overnighter on a train (#20), tell me!  Please.  This is a lofty list and I am requesting your help.  Hopefully, I can help you as well!

Wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “A Life Bucket List

  1. I have slept overnight on a train, many times. It’s not that great of an experience — especially the Midnight Train to Moscow! (It is a real train ride, not just a comedy show. It was an excruitiating experience that I would not like to repeat)


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