First Friday Find: The Care and Keeping of You

Yes, I know.  I am well aware that today is actually the second Friday of October.  Last week slipped through my fingers before I even knew what happened.  My husband joked that my First Friday Find should be about some sort of day planner, since I obviously need one.  I have plenty of organizing apps that I love that keep me on task.  So, no problems there.  It’s the whole motherhood of four thing that is giving me a run for my money.  Seriously, now I know why parents say that time flies and before you know it your kids are out of the house.  My days have been racing by faster than my daughters that I just cheered on at their Jog-a-thon.  So, here I am on the second Friday to report of a book that my girls and I are reading called The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls.  This book is a gem worth sharing.

I was chatting with a friend when she mentioned that she and her daughter read through this awesome book The Care and Keeping of You.  The book shares all the things a girl might need to know about entering puberty.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  Plus, it does it in a very tasteful manner and is geared towards, well, younger girls.  My friend had said that she read it along with her daughter and that it opened up a lot of good dialogue.
So, I set off to pick it up at the library and I keep renewing it since my daughters and I are gaining so much from reading it.  We’ve been reading bits and pieces here and there.  I think it might be time to face the facts and realize that I need my very own copy for my girls to reference as needed.  Oh how I wish such a book existed when I was younger.  I was so clueless and my Mom was not the type to discuss matters of puberty with me.  Obviously, I figured it out alright, but I just really like the guided direction it gives me with our girls so that we have an open communication line on sensitive topics, such as body images and the woes of puberty.
My husband took a moment to skim through it the other night and he was amazed at how much information it provided for readers.  He was saying, “If I was a single Dad, I would totally be reading this to my daughters.  What a great resource.”  He then went on to say that, “Guys just don’t have this kind of stuff.  This is really useful information for girls.”
So, there you have it!  Three separate people have spoken highly of this book as a tool to teach young girls about puberty and open up some healthy dialogue on the matter.  Those are better odds than my theory that “Two makes it true.”
If you’re a parent of a young girl, I hope you’ll take my advice and add this book to your library!  I know I’m done renewing this book and plan to get my very own copy.
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